Mac Mart
Menu Items Subject to Change Before Opening

A gooey rendition of the classic Mac'n Cheese made with 5 cheese & secret blend of spices

A cousin to the Alfredo family, this cheesy white sauce comes with bold hints of garlic, basil and of course ripe pomodoro!


Mac'n (regular)
Mac Daddy (large)
 Monstrous Mac (Family size)

Classic Creations 

                                        $6.00        $8.00      $10.00

Original Mac with BBQ chicken chunks, Smokey BBQ drizzle topped Cornbread crumble & potato chip crisps

"Wit" Mac  
Original Mac mixed with Philly Cheesesteak, Fried Onions & a Ketchup drizzle if desired

B.R.A.T Mac  
Original Mac with crispy bacon bites, fresh diced tomatoes, buttery panko crumbs & homemade ranch drizzle 

Little Italy  
Italian Mac mixed with homemade Italian garlic croutons, crispy parmesan chicken bites, topped with fresh mozzarella & dressed in a drizzle of tangy marinara sauce

Marts' Mac 
Original Mac topped with buttered panko bread crumbs & a squeeze of Ketchup (if desired)


$4.00 Ea.
Return of the Mac
Classic Mac sandwiched between two buttery slices of thick homestyle white bread & American cheese, grilled to gooey perfection

G-Dog   (seasonal)
A juicy & hot char grilled Kosher Hotdog smothered in non other than our Original Mac all lounging on a buttery bun 

                                                 Build - a - Bowl
Price Varies

Step 1 - Choose Your Mac
Original Mac
Italian Mac

Step 2 - Choose Size
Mac'n     $5.00
Mac Daddy $7.00
Monstrous Mac $9.00

Step 3 - Choose Mix-ins, Proteins, drizzles & Sides

Mix-In's ~ $.50 ea
Parmesan Panko Crumble, Diced Tomatoes,Homemade Italian Croutons, Corn Bread Crumble, Caramelized Onions, Sun-Dried Tomatos, Stewed Tomatoes, Jalepanos

Proteins ~ $1.00 ea
Crispy Bacon,Pulled BBQ Chicken, Hot Dog Bites, Parmesan Crusted Chicken Bites, Fresh Mozzarella, 

Drizzles  ~ $.25 ea
Homemade Ranch, Ketchup, Smokey BBQ, Tangy Marinara, Bold Buffalo, Parmesan Pesto Aoli

Assorted Bottle Beverages

Other Menu Options
  • Heart attack Mac - Caramelized onions, crispy bacon, Parm - Panko topping

  • Red, white & goo...ey - Original Mac, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, garlic croutons.

  • Mac'n cheeseburger - Original Mac topped with ground angus beef, Caramelized onions, kettle cooked potato chip crisps & ketchup drizzle

  • Margarita Mac - Original Mac topped with fresh mozzarella, diced tomatoes, fresh basil & garlic croutons

  • Mac'n tot - Original Mac topped with crispy fried tater tots & ketchup drizzle

  • Stuffed Spud bowl - original Mac topped with fried potato bites, steamed broccoli & sharp cheddar shreds, topped with chopped chives

  • Southwest Mac - Original Mac mixed with sweet white corn, sautéed green chilies, bacon & cornbread crumble

  • Roasted Red Pesto - Original Mac mixed with homemade Walnut, Pecorino & Basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers & garlic croutons

  • Doggone' corny Mac - Original Mac topped with grilled hot dog bites & cornbread crumble (Ketchup drizzle if desired)

  • Veggie delight- Italian Mac mixed with garlic sautéed broccoli, sun dried tomatoes & Parm Panko topping

  • South Philly fill - Original Mac topped with spicy Italian sausage, sautéed trio of peppers, homemade garlic croutons & marinara drizzle

  • Crabby Mac - Original Mac mixed with Jumbo Lump Crab meat, horseradish creme, topped with an old bay Panko crumble 

  • Sweet & Smokey brisket Mac - Original Mac topped with slow cooked Smokey brisket & cornbread crumble

  • Mac'n fajita - Original Mac topped with blackened chicken sautéed onions, trio of peppers, topped with homemade fresh tortilla crisps & chipotle cream drizzle

  • Spinach & Artichoke Mac - Garlic sautéed spinach & soft artichoke hearts mixed into creamy original Mac topped with Havarti cheese shreds & homemade pita chip crisps

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