Tray Ordering

We’re more than just mac!

In addition to our delicious mac trays, we also offer trays of garlic parmesan Caesar salad, mixed green salad, roasted vegetables, creamy herb chicken, Not Your Momma’s Meatloaf, and our tasty Dollops, Dips, and Chips tray! If you’re interested in these, please call or contact us for more information.

Mac Mart Mentions

Jalapeño Infusion: Homemade jalapeño oil made from a slow sauté of jalapeño & garlic. Brings great heat & jalapeño flavor to any mac

Homemade Buttermilk Ranch: In-house made buttermilk ranch with 8 herbs & spices to give any mac a mouthful of flavor

All “Dips” are made with a cream cheese base unless otherwise noted

Not all Macs can be served via catering, vending & trays.
 Depending upon service, we will best advise which macs are most appropriate for your event.


  1. We are NOT a Certified Gluten Free Kitchen, but can provide G-Free orders with 24-48 hours notice and pre-payment.
  2. Please notify us of any allergy before ordering or consuming any product from Mac Mart, as we are NOT liable for any allergies undisclosed to us.
  3. Menu is subject to change in store.
  4. Some Macs may or may not be available all of the time, due to seasonal ingredients (i.e. Tomatoes or Seasonal Mac Creations).